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Professional Property Management Services

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Welcome to Compass Real Estate & Property Management!

Compass Real Estate & Property Management is a full service property management company servicing Chula Vista, South Bay and San Diego County. If you are a property owner, you have probably discovered just how challenging it can be to effectively manage your investment. From legal considerations to tenant satisfaction, property management is full-time work. Unless this is all you do, it can quickly become overwhelming.

Our property management team specializes in taking the hard work out of property management. We take care of all of the details so you can use your time on more important things.

We can help with many different management concerns, including condos, single family detached homes, residential and HOAs. Our experienced team can help you avoid many of the common problems that come up with property management. And if we cannot avoid them, we will resolve them as efficiently as possible.

If you are a renter looking for a rental, please contact our team today to see what we have to offer. If you are a property owner, contact us now to see how we can make your investment more enjoyable and more profitable.